About UIBS / Corporate Partners




  • Banco Sabadell
  • Delta Lloyd Bank
  • Credit Suisse
  • Junior Chamber International
  • Regus

Recruitment and marketing opportunities

  • Available job openings
  • Available internships and/or business projects
  • Company visits and presentations
  • Company events and press-conferences
  • Special benefits for our students
  • Seminars

Internships and business projects

Internships encourage students to put their skills and knowledge into practice and allow them get a taste of what the business world is really like after graduating. Several internships are offered by the school's corporate partners (local, regional and multinational companies and organizations), though students are of course also free to find an internship on their own, either local or abroad. Although internships are not a mandatory part of our academic curriculum, it can be an individual student?s choice to make it part of his/her personalized study program.

Our students, guided by faculty members, can also be assigned to real consulting and business projects. Eager to help you out, they can pursue goals such as problem definition, research and data analysis, in combination with a full report stating recommendations and solutions.